Floating showroom for Natuzzi Italia, built in a building with many showrooms.

Another view of the Natuzzi Italia floating showroom in a large building with multiple vendors.

Does your company show their products at tradeshows? Are you considering a tradeshow for the first time?

If so, we would like you to consider contacting Thomas Carpentry & Construction for a meeting and design ideas. We want to work with you and your designers to develop and build a personalized display that is eye-catching and will highlight your product to its full potential. We can incorporate items we specialize in, into your ideas to develop a quality and affordable show.

Some of our specialties are lighting walls with your custom graphics to get your customers' attention, ceilings with lighting beams for product illumination, walls with inlaid LED TV’s for product education, raised floors to define your space, and illuminated signage built into the display walls.

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We can fabricate your show display at our facility, break it down and individually crate the pieces of the display unit, secure all trucking needs to transport it to the show venue, reconstruct it there for the show, and then break it down and bring it back at the end of the show.

All aspects of the tradeshow staging is handled by Thomas Carpentry & Construction.

Showroom with built in lighted walls and custom graphics floating in middle of display and dramatic ceiling overlay.